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From the Choir Loft

A meditation by Paul Greene

When the choir is on summer hiatus, I enjoy worship from a different-than-usual perspective … from a pew. While I still appreciate worship there, I do miss my usual seat … at the end of the second row in the choir loft. And as is often the case, it is when I lose it that I appreciate it the most.

You see, from my summer pew I can see the pastor's face and maybe a worship leader, or a soloist sitting in the choir loft. But, unlike anyone else in the congregation, during the school year, we in the choir can see everyone’s face … from the choir loft.

Only from the choir loft, can I see the growing frustration on the young mom’s face as she bounces her crying, fussing baby. And on the face of the grandmotherly lady sitting in front of her, I can see memories of days gone by in the way of a smile. It makes me smile, too.

(This is just the beginning of Paul's delightful Meditation; the full text can be found here.)

At First Congregational United Church of Christ, WE LIKE MUSIC!

Musical notes

We like classical music ... we like contemporary Christian music.
We like traditional hymns ... we like praise songs.
We like organ ... we like guitar and drums.
We like majestic anthems ... we like soulful spirituals.
We like music that sings ... we like music that swings.
We like violins and flutes and oboes and trumpets and bongos and castanettes and bells and chimes ...

We like music, good music, all kinds of good music ... and we include a variety of music in each worship service. The object is praise, but praise speaks many languages, and we do not want to limit ourselves to one language!

We have intentionally chosen not to offer different worship services with different styles -- traditional, contemporary, Gen X, etc. -- because we believe the family of God (the whole family of God!) belongs together. We need to listen to each other and learn from each other and serve each others' needs, not just our own.