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The Search is Over!!

Paul Greene JOY is what I experienced last Sunday morning as I watched our sanctuary fill with familiar faces. The JOY welling inside me was fostered by the faces themselves. Yes, the faces I enjoy and appreciate most every Sunday were there and I always look forward to seeing them. But there were also faces of our church family who made a special trek from far away ... faces of church family who aren't able to get out easily ... faces of church family who are hurting, physically or emotionally, and had ample reason to take a 'pass' for the day, but didn't ... faces who had important duties elsewhere, but shared their time with us. All of them chose to spend this special Sunday at Home with their church family.

While developing our Church Profile for the pastoral search, our Transition Committee came to realize just how extraordinary our church family is. And our Search Committee came to the same realization as they talked about you with so many pastoral candidates and as they returned back to our Profile over and over again as the guiding light to the Right candidate.

We are very fortunate to have Scott Spence as our new incoming Senior Minister as First Congregational UCC in Waterloo, Iowa unfolds a new chapter in its history. The enthusiastic, unanimous support from all of you demonstrates our appreciation. BUT Scott Spence will also come to realize how very fortunate he is to be leading the extraordinary church family found in all of you. Thank you, Church Family!


Paul Greene, Moderator

Pastor Scott Spence delivering his first sermon in our sanctuary June 17.

Pastor Scott Spence
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We look forward to welcoming Pastor Scott and his family back to Waterloo this fall, when he will join FCUCC as our Senior Minister.

Meals on Wheels Change

There will be no Meals on Wheels next Thursday June 28. Staff is holding an inservice that day and there will no site or delivered meals. ( "Brown bag" lunches will be delivered to clients on Wednesday with their regular meals.)

Our church team will deliver again on July 12.

Want to help?

movingThe Ensworths will be loading a rental moving truck on Friday, June 29. There is much to load at two locations and we could use some helping hands!

If you can help, please meet Tim at 9:00 am at Added Self-Storage, Unit J-8, at the corner of West 27th St. and Union Road in Cedar Falls.


More Graduates!graduation

Congratulations and best of luck in your future endeavors!


** Lilli Meyers Medhus
(George Washington University)
Lilli graduated with her nurse practitioner and midwifery degrees.
Parents: Joel and Laura Thorpe Meyers
Grandparents: Steve and Liz Thorpe

** Lt. Pete Meyers
(West Point, NY)
Lt. Meyers graduated with a BS in Nuclear Engineering and Physics. He graduated with honors (top 3% in a class of 1200).
Parents: Joel and Laura Thorpe Meyers
Grandparents: Steve and Liz Thorpe

Nicaragua Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxesIn the last 16 years you were in line to help the kids and young moms in Nicaragua. Since we started this project we have shipped 650 tons of aid to 17,000 moms at our shelter and shoeboxes to 30,000 kids. These aren't just gifts, these boxes keep kids in school and change their lives.

In this, our 17th year, we need your help again. Connie Jo Peirce and Jayne Slaughter will be continuing our tradition. You can pick up boxes to fill or give money so they can fill boxes and bags for the moms. We started this project with two and now have over 5,000 helping us in eight states!