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A house divided against itself -- Mark 3:20-30, 4:35-41 (1/21/2018)

I am distressed and that's just this week! This week, the same week that saw a government shutdown and the presentation by our current president of fake news awards and the use of profanity by the same president to describe nations of majority black populations, including Haiti.

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How does Jesus help families facing problems with addiction? -- Mark 2:1-12 (1/14/2018)

How does Jesus help? Jesus is light. Jesus helps by shining light onto our lives, bringing what is hidden in the shadows into the open, letting us see clearly, letting us see ourselves as we are. Jesus' light exposes our denial, our rationalizations, our unwitting or willful self-deception. Jesus helps by offering us a clear choice: to follow or go our own way, to trust God or ourselves, to live or to die. Sometimes the choice is that stark.

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What is a miracle? -- Mark 1:4-11 (1/7/2018)

The miracle is not showing us some other strange and wonderful world that we have never seen before, but showing us this world as we have never seen it before, still familiar but now full of wonders. The miracle is not what is out of the ordinary, but that the ordinary is miracle.

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