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First Congregational

United Church of Christ

... exploring the frontiers of faith in Jesus

Vision Statement

(Adopted May 6, 2007)


The heart of our worship and our work is God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ. Christ is the sole head of the church, our guide in all we do, our source of wisdom and strength, our Savior and our Lord.

In fellowship with Christ and with each other:

  1. we gather for worship and for work, proclaiming that all are welcome here;
  2. we listen attentively to the word Christ speaks, allowing God’s word and God’s way to reshape our words and our ways;
  3. we share eagerly the meal Christ offers, inviting others without prejudice to join with us, sharing the blessing, comfort, and healing power of intimacy with God;
  4. we send our members into the world, commissioned to enact the love of God through evangelism and works of charity and service and justice.